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date: 09/08/2020
title: website v1.4.1

webiste updates:

  • Update Gospel presentation: change "2000 years" for "Long" and "2000 ans" for "Longtemps"

date: 08/16/2020
title: website v1.4.0

webiste updates:

  • Enable the index page title animation!

date: 08/13/2020
title: website v1.3.1

webiste updates:

  • Fix build error!

date: 05/13/2020
title: website v1.3.0

webiste updates:

  • add French translation of the gospel!
  • automatic language selection on landing
  • disable title typing animation

date: 05/09/2020
title: website v1.2.0

webiste updates:

  • organize updates and ressources data the gatsby way

date: 05/04/2020
title: website v1.1.0

webiste updates:

  • new email contact@codeforfaith.com
  • update footer link and design, add dynamic year
  • update privacy-policy v0.2.0

date: 04/26/2020
title: gospel v0.0.3

gospel updates:

  • create a gospel cli app

date: 04/04/2020
title: website v0.8.0

webiste updates:

  • update privacy policy page v0.1.1
  • fix dynamic home page title bug
  • update ministries list
  • add GDPR banner
  • update icons footer
  • update readme

date: 04/04/2020
title: website v1.0.0

webiste updates:

  • v1.0.0 is live!

date: 01/16/2020
title: website v0.7.0

webiste updates:

  • add privacy policy page v0.1.0

date: 09/15/2019
title: key-logger v0.0.3

key-logger updates:

  • update readme.md
  • add .gitignore

date: 09/15/2019
title: website v0.6.0

webiste updates:

  • update readme.md
  • add codepen icon to footer

date: 09/06/2019
title: website v0.5.0

webiste updates:

  • add Shofar Ministries in the resources page
  • add contact page
  • add icons to the footer
  • add contact icon to footer
  • add CodeSandbox account to footer

date: 09/04/2019
title: website v0.4.0

webiste updates:

  • center qr code on qr page
  • fix footer trucature
  • add sound-cloud link in footer
  • add resources: Bible.is, Faith Comes By Hearing, The Voice of the Martyrs, and many others...

date: 09/03/2019
title: website v0.3.0

webiste updates:

  • move social links to footer
  • modify site title capitalization
  • add section in the resources' page (Bible, Truther, Ministries, Music)
  • add qr code page
  • add favicon

date: 09/02/2019
title: website v0.2.0

webiste updates:

  • https enabled
  • add resources page
  • add github, twitter, resources to menu

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